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Learn about the meaning of the famous Basketball Dunking Skullman® tie-dyed-warm-ups worn by the 1992-Lithuanian-Olympic-Basketball-Team from the artist himself:   www.gregspeirs.com

(The Original 1992 Slam Dunking Skeleton) from the Barcelona Olympics!  The Original 1992 Lithuania tie dye!  Original Lithuania tie dye t-shirt!  in "The Other Dream Team" movie trailer

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Sports history trivia: The Original 1992 Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton was created by NY sports artist Greg Speirs. "The Original" Lithuania Olympic Tie Dye basketball T-Shirt story facts:   The Original Lithuanian basketball T-tie-dyed basketball skeleton that the Lithuanian Olympic Basketball team wore on the podium in the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, and that you saw in the 2012 Documentary film, "The Other Dream Team" was created independently by New York sports artist Greg Speirs. The Original Lithuania basketball tie dyed t-shirts first appeared in the 1992 Barcelona summer Olympics and featured Speirs' original Lithuanian slam-dunking skeleton design "Skullman".  Who was the major funds sponsor of the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team? Answer: Sports artist Greg Speirs, was the “major sponsor” of the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team when he donated the $450,000 in profits realized from his trademarked “Slam Dunking Skeleton” design to the team and to Lithuanian children’s charities.       Press Release - Lithuanian t-shirt photos (pictures)     WARNING: ALL MATERIAL PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK LAWS

Greg Speirs' Slam-Dunking Skeleton trademark became a household icon when first seen by the world adorning tie dyed jerseys worn by the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team at the medal ceremonies in the Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympics. The iconic basketball playing skeleton on the tie-dyed warm-up uniforms came into the story from a New York artist and art Licensor Greg Speirs. He acquired the status of being the major sponsor of the team by donating 100% of his profits which were the major funds generated from the sales of his trademarked "Slam Dunking Skeleton" on the tie-dyed warm-ups to fund the Lithuanian Olympic basketball team's journey to the Olympics, after their newly found independence and breakaway from the Soviet Union. He donated all further profits realized from his basketball dunking skeleton on the tie-dyed uniforms to Lithuanian children's charities which amounted to at least over $450,000.00 dollars. Watch for Greg Speirs' appearance in "the other dream team documentary download". Go watch the story on "The Other Dream Team' documentary. You can also see the story in 'The Other Dream Team" on DVD.

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Through the artist's generosity, merchandising of his Lithuania basketball t-shirt design, raised MAJOR FUNDS of over $450,000.00 for the Lithuanian basketball team and Lithuania children's charities during the Olympics and became his trademark brand. The artist's design was unveiled to the world when it was worn by the Lithuania Olympic basketball team, while the team received bronze medals at the Olympic closing ceremonies. These Lithuania Olympic basketball team T-Shirts became part of sports history, and sought after collectible from the Olympics. These are the Original Lithuania basketball T-shirts unveiled on the podium in 1992, available again. released and authorized by sports artist Greg Speirs, their original source. We offer another chance to own the Original 1992 Lithuanian basketball Tie Dye T-Shirts. (The original Skullman  Lithuanian basketball jerseys and original artwork were also enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. on Dec. 7, 1993). 

Original 1992 Skullman TM Lithuania TIE DYE basketball T-Shirt creator, Greg Speirs is named to Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World: Artist's biography: Watch for Greg Speirs' appearance in "The Other Dream Team" documentary download. Original 1992 Lithuania Tie Dye basketball t-shirts, 1992 Original Tie Dyed Slam-Dunking Skeleton


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Original 1992 Lithuanian basketball tie dye T-shirts - "The Original" TM & © SINCE 1992 Original Lithuania basketball t-shirt Greg Speirs. Lithuania Tie dye ®.

The original Skullman Slam Dunking Skeleton was first seen in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.   Contact Greg Speirs: www.gregspeirs.com 

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Press Release - Lithuanian t-shirt photos (pictures)   Greg Speirs is named in the 2006, 60th Year Diamond Edition of Who’s Who in America  and to the 2006 20th Year Edition of Who’s Who in the World.
 Greg Speirs' Who's Who in America bio.  Home of the original Skullman 1992 Lithuania tie dye basketball jerseys. Seen in The Other Dream Team documentary. Major funder of the 1992 Lithuanian
 Olympic Bsaketball Team, Greg Speirs' Lithuanian Skullman TM.
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Home of the original Skullman 1992 Lithuania tie dye basketball jerseys. Seen in The Other Dream Team documentary. Major sponsor of the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic Basketball Team, Greg Speirs' distinctive Lithuanian Skullman Slam Dunking Skeleton
Lithuania Slam Dunking Skeleton artist's Facts: This art was created by Greg Speirs. Attention! Notice to the public! This is not a grateful dead T-t-shirt! This was never a Grateful Dead T- t-shirt design.
This design was created by and is owned by artist Greg Speirs. Notice to the press and public: Please correct your reports and postings regarding the origin of this design.
The creator of the design is artist Greg Speirs, and is not the grateful dead. notice: this is not a grateful dead Lithuania t-shirt. This is a Greg Speirs design. Sports artist Greg Speirs will been seen in The Other Dream Team documentary film.
Slam Dunking Skeleton is a trademark owned by Speirs. This is not a Grateful dead Lithuanian design This is a Greg Speirs design. The major funds going to the 1992 Lithuanian
basketball team and Lithuanian children's charities were donated by Speirs by releasing 100% of his profit to the causes in 1992. The Lithuanian Basketball team was sponsored by Greg Speirs'
 major funds generated for the Lithuania basketball team from sales of his popular artwork design. The Slam Dunking Skeleton was created and is owned by Speirs and can be used under
license and with permission from the original artist Greg Speirs. Source for The Original Lithuania Tie Dye basketball T-Shirts from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. ("Lithuania Tie Dye"®).
Source for the Lithuanian Tie Dye basketball t-Shirts. The Original 1992 Skullman TM Lithuania basketball T-Shirts.  Copyright 1992 Greg Speirs    Contact Greg Speirs: www.gregspeirs.com

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