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 Skullman in The Lithuania Other Dream Team movie

Original 1992 Lithuanian Tie Dye® Basketball T-Shirts

Featured inThe Other Dream Team documentary film

® The Original 1992-2017 Skullman ® Lithuania Tie Dye ® Basketball JERSEYS

25th Year Edition  Press Release Original 1992 Skullman ® Slam-Dunking Skeleton ® ©1992 Greg Speirs Press Release  VIDEO CLIP         Since 1992

  Press Release  Press Release   Listen to the Greg Speirs Audio Interview by The Lithuanian Other Dream Team

Learn about the meaning of the famous Basketball Dunking Skullman® tie-dyed-warm-ups worn by the 1992-Lithuanian-Olympic-Basketball-Team from the artist himself:

(The Original 1992 Slam Dunking Skeleton) from the Barcelona Olympics!  The Original 1992 Lithuania tie dye!  Original Lithuania tie dye t-shirt!  in "The Other Dream Team" movie trailer

Skullman ®

The Original from the creator of the Lithuanian Tie Dye Slammin Skeleton ®

25th Anniversary T-Shirt 

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2016 Edition Lithuania Skullman ® Tee

Skullman ® Lietuva 2016 (Dark Green)

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Skullman ® Lietuva 2016 (Dark Green)

2016 Edition Skullman® Tee (Dark Green)

Original Skullman® 2016 Tie Dye

'92-Skullman - Lithuania-Tie-Dye®Cell Phone Covers

Greg Speirs' Slam-Dunking Skeleton trademark became a household icon when first seen by the world adorning tie dyed jerseys worn by the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team at the medal ceremonies in the Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympics.

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 This special limited edition denotes the 20 year anniversary of the original shirt at the Olympics


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the Original 1992

Lithuania Tie Dye T-Shirt

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1992-2017  25th Anniversary Skullman® Lithuania Tie Dye

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 Signed 2012 20th Anniversary

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