Iconic Lithuania Tie Dye® Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton® Trademark Brand T-Shirts 30th Anniversary - 1992-2022- Are Still A Most Sought After Collectible

The True Story of Greg Speirs' Iconic Lithuanian Tie Dye basketball T-Shirts

Greg Speirs' famous Lithuanian Slam-Dunking Skeleton® Lithuania Tie-Dye® is Still Popular After 30 Years & are Still a Much Sought After Collectible

1992 © Copyright & Trademark Property of Greg Speirs.Lithuania Tie Dye® & Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton® are Brands & Registered Trademarks owned by Greg Speirs. All right reserved. Greg Speirs/ Exclusive Licensor and Original Source.

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The Slam-Dunking Skeleton trademark became an international household icon when seen by the world adorning tie dyed jerseys worn by the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team on the podium at the medal ceremonies in the Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympics.


Immediately the public wanted to know where they came from and where they could buy one. The way-out warmups were actually created by New York fashion designer and Licensor Greg Speirs. Once the shirts started selling they became the hottest collectible. The designer who created them saw it as great opportunity to help the team and Lithuanian charities. So once the shirts started to be sold the designer chose to donate all of what would have been his profits to the team.  Instead of receiving any royalties, he chose to donate 100% of what would have been his profits from the sales of his shirts to fund the team and to subsequently fund Lithuanian children’s charities. At that point he became the major funder of the team.


Listen to the full Greg Speirs interview by The Other Dream Team:







Skullman and the 1992 shirts and artifacts were also enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame on Dec. 07, 1993: a day living in infamy becoming the first & only cartoon character to be "enshrined" in any Hall of Fame: (part of the history of the shirt and the evolution of the Skullman character) (also part of the story and the legacy of the shirt)



"It's all about independence, and the freedom to pursue dreams without interference. The Lithuanians became independent after the Soviet breakaway and the Berlin Wall came down. A lot of things were happening at the same time, like a cascading effect. The Lithuanians were now independent and had the opportunity to flourish and pursue their dreams in freedom. The 1992 Lithuanian Basketball Team really symbolizes a spirit of freedom to me, and winning the bronze medal was not only a victory in sports but also symbolized a triumph over communism itself. The feeling of pride, energy and freedom was channeled through the Skullman image. Independence means we have the freedom to succeed or fail as individuals, benefit and flourish from the fruits of our labor in a free enterprise system without an oppressive hand being over us as was in the Soviet Union for them. In the Soviet Union you were just a cog in a giant machine but in the free world you have independence. It’s all about freedom. You work together as a team, but at the same time have the freedom to excel as an individual within that team," said Speirs.


“The brand has been marketed and sold consistently for 30 years. This is the 30th year Anniversary year of the original 1992 shirt. A big part of the brand’s popularity and longevity is its collectability aspect. Demand and popularity increases to this day.” according to Mike Thompson, licensing director of Slammin’ Sports.


This year we released the Official 30th Anniversary Editions of the Original 1992 Lithuania Tie Dye® brand basketball tees and hoodies featuring the iconic Skullman ® trademark slam dunking a flaming basketball. The new releases give the public another chance to own a piece of Olympic & sports fashion history”, said Mike Thompson, spokesman for Skullman.com


“The story about Greg's Tie Dyes was a major news event impacting popular culture, took its place in sports history & had a major influence on future sports fashion, changing the way it was looked at.” The Tie Dyed Slammin Skullman® became a household icon and legendary piece of sports fashion history and forever part of Olympics, sports, fashion & Lithuanian folklore.


For the future Skullman.com is looking to place the brand with more wholesalers and in major department stores and sports apparel chains like Macy’s and the Foot Locker.


All rights to the brand originate from Greg Speirs at Skullman.com

We will be open to considering serious licensing proposals in the future.

The Skullman Extreme Team apparel line was also spun out of the original 1992 Skullman:


"We'll be on the lookout in 2022 for counterfeiters and infringers" warned Mike Thompson/spokesman for Slammin’ Sports/Skullman.com. Eventually we’ll catch up to any infringers. We’ve done our due diligence for 30 years of protecting the brand.


The Slam-Dunking Skeleton is 1992 Copyright © & ® Trademark property of Greg Speirs. Lithuania Tie Dye® & Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton ® are trademarks & brands owned by Greg Speirs. All rights reserved. Official & Original source.


"The 1992 Lithuanian Basketball Team represents what happens in freedom...people excel. The struggle of the Lithuanian team struck a chord. The Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton symbolized a team coming up from nothing and the ashes. If you could condense this story down to just one phrase it wouldn't be just the word freedom, but freedom and free enterprise" added Speirs. 

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